If it is marketing you looking, then look no further, find out how we build brands
our Services

Someone always needs that personal touch,a moment to ask a detailed question & understanding more about the product, our promoter will always be equipped to make sure that your customers make informed decisions.We don’t ask shoppers to buy , we advise them why they should.We believe an an informed customer is a loyal customer

From product demonstrations,competitions & sales-driven projects. Our team works around the clock to turn concept to reality.Together with your team, we design your project to make sure your brand and its products stand out from its competitors.

Allow us to represent your brand, so you can focus on what you love .

From finding relevant Trade-shows & Sponsorship opportunites to setting up, our team will be the face and voice for your brand while you are focused on maintaining product quality.

From Brand Awareness,serminars and campaigns, we introduce your product through educating customers about the benefits,uses,distribution channels and all critical information about your brand and product.

Reaching customers through different digital and social media platforms.Create interaction and generation of leads through different campaigns.

Where would you like us to go?

Collection of primary data is one of the hardest to obtain but through our Area Managers , our team is widespread in different provinces to reach the desired target market , from initiating proper data collection campaign with comprehensive reports.

From Umlazi to Soweto, Nongoma to Lusikisiki, our team will get your product and brand known and moving offf the shelves.

A focus on bulk buyers , wholesalers are the door-step to connecting your product to consumers. 

We design  and manage innovative campaigns at wholesale level to encourage retailers to add your brand on their stocking lists.

How is your brand positioned in the market?

CSI demonstrates the “heart” of your company, can enhance your credibility, contribute to and support your marketing tools: i.e brand awareness.

Connecting your brand with the communities it serves, understanding peoples needs and assisting where you can.

Our team can creatively position your brand in communities to deliver your values in the areas that you need to contribute to.

We plan and execute these initiatives to align with your values and brand position.

Enhance your company’s corporate image and ultimately your Return On Investment.

We focus on more than just sales but we also collect information that can help illuminate your brand and product.

Activation Reports that focus on Instore sales and overall customer interaction as well as general customer feedback focusing on the following: 

  • How customers feel about your product or brand
  • What changes or upgrades would they like to see
  • What is their view of your pricing
  • What ans why would they consider the competition

There are a number of possibilities why customers are/not responding to your product, let’s find out.

Our reports will enable you to identify strengths and weaknesses in the market therefore providing the opportunity to take necessary actions.